Zverev suspended for 8 weeks and fined suspended for unsportsmanlike conduct in Acapulco


German tennis player Alexander Zverev received an eight-week suspension and a $25,000 fine for unsportsmanlike conduct, according to the ATP official website. Both sanctions were issued conditionally with a probationary period.

24-year-old German after defeat in the first round of the doubles tournament in Acapulco at the end of February, he approached the chief arbiter’s tower and struck it several times with a racket. The ATP issued the player a $25,000 fine and an eight-week suspension, which will be triggered in the event of a repeat violation during probation through February 23, 2023. Zverev can appeal the decision until March 11.

Earlier, Zverev received a $40,000 fine for his behavior at the Acapulco tournament. The tennis player also lost $31,570 in prize money and all rating points earned in the tournament.

Alexander Zverev. Zverev defeated the judicial tower in Mexico. Olympian gone crazy?

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