Zhamnov: “The fact that Naumov and Fedorov knew Johansson helped Russia, they asked the guys to throw on horseback”


The head coach of the Russian national team Alexei Zhamnov said that it helped that the coaches Sergei Naumov and Sergei Fedorov knew Swedish goalkeeper Lars Johansson.

Do you think luck…

– Well, yes, yes. We’re in luck. Is that what you wanted to say?

– Tkachev could have been given 5 + 20, sorry?

– Ask the judges.

How much did it help that Naumov and Fedorov knew Johansson?

– In principle, yes, they said this to the guys in the locker room before the game. He’s in the KHL, it’s no secret to anyone. They asked us to use an extra pass in the attack on the goal. To be thrown on horseback.

In the semifinals, Russia beat Sweden in shootouts (2:1B).

In the final, on February 20, the Russians will meet with Finland. Beginning at 7.10 Moscow time.

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