Zach Brown: F1 has never been so strong and it’s getting better every day


McLaren CEO Zak Brown shared his opinion on the development of Formula 1.

Formula 1 has never been so strong. It gets better every day – it’s a record number of races, a record number of countries willing to host races, a record attendance. TV ratings are very high, everything is great with sponsors. Digitally speaking, Netflix is ​​preparing another great season considering everything that happened in 2021.

All ten teams are either in a good business position or they are owned by people who can afford an F1 team. Even if there is no profit, they can afford it. Just look at the ingredients – the series is strong in everything. And, I think it will become stronger”, — quotes the words of Brown Racing News365.

Formula 1 pre-season tests will be held from 23 to 25 February in Barcelona and from 10 to 12 March in Bahrain.

The first stage of the 2022 season will take place in Bahrain from 18 to 20 March.

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