Yushkevich: “The guys wanted to win for the fans, for themselves, and also for Igor Valeryevich Nikitin. Therefore, such a swing “


Lokomotiv head coach Dmitry Yushkevich praised the team’s performance in the KHL regular season match against Severstal (5:3).

“An emotional game turned out. And this is not accidental: the guys wanted to win for the fans, for themselves, as well as for Igor Valeryevich. Therefore, such a swing. Most importantly, they showed character and pleased everyone.

Once again, the team was charged to win, was very emotional. From there, there are errors that are not peculiar to us.

As for the goalkeeper, we are one team, Bocharov is not to blame. He does his job, the players do their job. In those moments, the players didn’t do their job. It’s good that Danya Isaev went into the match perfectly and gave a chance to catch on for 1:3. Good job by the goalkeeping coaches and the team as a whole»– the KHL website quotes the coach.

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