Wolff on Andretti’s desire to create a team: “Everyone who joins the championship should benefit F-1”


Mercedes chief executive Toto Wolff has commented on reports that Michael Andretti wants to create a new team in Formula 1.

“Certainly, Andretti is a big name in motorsport and the American market is also important for Formula 1. Every team that joins should add value. Not only by paying a $200 million fee, but by showing what she can do for all other teams, for Formula 1 and the FIA. Only then will the sport develop.

But if a good team wants to join the championship – with good people, with the necessary funding, and it’s not even about these 200 million dollars, if you want to join the F-1 club?, you need to be ready to spend somewhere around 1 billion dollars ” , — quotes the words of Wolff The Race.

Previously it was reported that FIA did not formally start the process of consideration of submitted applications by potential new teams.

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