Vorobyov – about the game of Koshechkin: “He fell ill at the training camp in Minsk. He needed time to recover.”


Metallurg Magnitogorsk head coach Ilya Vorobyov commented on the victory over Barys (6:2) in the second match of the KHL playoffs.

– A good start in combat, – said Vorobyov. – A lot of power moves – what we wanted to see from the guys. The majority worked well, Koshechkin helped out. The guys deserved a good win.

– Why did you decide to leave Linus Videll out of the application?

– The first factor is the recovery of Philippe Maillet. We will think from game to game. Today we thought that it would be better for the team. Now is not the time to think about personalities.

– Tell us about the coach’s request for an offside position, after which the Barys puck was cancelled.

– I must say thanks to the guys from above, Yasha Paley. They clearly defined and conveyed to us that you can take it.

– When they gave hints, were they sure that the goal would be cancelled?

“The final decision is still up to me. They were sure. Sometimes they say, “Fifty-fifty.” I make a decision depending on the result and the time on the scoreboard. But here they were sure.

– Based on today’s match, can we say that Vasily Koshechkin has fully recovered from his injury and is 100% ready?

– Today Vasily played well, what can I say. He had been ill in Minsk and was recovering. He needed time to recover.

Most of them are working today. What’s the secret?

– We also started five-on-five, and in most cases we cover the goalkeeper more and shoot more. This is the secret of success.

The score in the series is 1:1. The next match will be held on March 5 in Nur-Sultan.

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