The Swede called the goals of CSKA for the upcoming season of the VTB United League


CSKA defender Alexei Shved believes that the team has strengthened well in the current off-season and is ready to return the title of champions of the VTB United League to Moscow.

— CSKA is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Double desire to take the title?

— This season we have only one tournament — the VTB United League. I really want to win it in the year of the centenary. We are set up only for this, – Shved said in an interview with SE.

– Followed the transfers of competitors? Someone surprised? For example, the arrival of KC Rivers, James Ennis and Malcolm Thomas to Samara, Thomas Ertel and Trey Tompkins to Zenit, Anthony Brown and Jalen Reynolds to UNICS…

“To be honest, I didn’t pay much attention. I know about the transfer of Thomas, because we have been friends since the time we played together for Khimki. We are constantly texting. We just talked yesterday.

Closely followed only the signing of CSKA. I think that we have strengthened well. Kept Casper [Уэйра] and Nikola [Милутинова]. Signed Livio [Жан-Шарля]Dallas [Мура] and Dejan [Давидоваца]. There is room for one more foreigner. It turns out a cool team that should show the result.

CSKA will play the first match of the 2022/23 VTB United League regular season on October 3 against Samara.

Last season, the army team lost to Zenit in the playoff final with a score of 3-4 in the series.

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