The Swede believes that the referees made the wrong decision in a key episode of the 2022 Super Bowl final


CSKA defender Alexei Shved in an interview with SE shared his opinion on the level of refereeing in the VTB United League. After February 24, only Russian referees work in the championship.

On September 25, the army team lost to Zenit (70:71) in the final of the VTB United League Super Cup.

– What do you think about the decisive moment in the Super Bowl? Everyone is debating whether Dallas Moore broke the five-second rule when throwing the ball in from behind the ball. Was there something similar in your memory in decisive matches?

– Of course not. I don’t think there was a five-second violation in this episode.

– On the floor, you often talk with referees, argue with them. Are these emotions?

– No, why? It’s just that very often they say, “We can’t call foul every time.” But if it’s a foul, you should whistle. I understand that I do not want to stop the game after each touch. I myself love it when they let me play hard. But when it is given in both directions.

– Did the level of refereeing in the VTB United League fall after the departure of foreigners?

– Everyone was wrong. Both foreign and Russian arbitrators. Everyone makes mistakes, the main thing is that there are not many of them.

Zenit defeated CSKA thanks to a three-pointer from Thomas Wimbush 2 seconds before the end of the meeting.

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