The State Duma of the Russian Federation called on Uralkali to sue Haas for refusing to return $ 13 million


State Duma Deputy Dmitry Svishchev, in a conversation with a SE correspondent, reacted to the refusal of Haas to return $ 13 million in favor of Uralkali.

“For such boorish actions, Uralkali should sue. We should not scatter money, but invest our own funds to develop the sport. “Haas” just takes advantage of the situation – they throw, as in the 90s. If you don’t want to work, break the contract and return the money. We need to work according to the rules, but now they just throw it, ”Svishchev told SE.

Recall that on March 5, the American team announced the termination of the contract with Russian racer Nikita Mazepin and the sponsorship agreement with Uralkali.

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