The owner of “Haas” commented on the termination of the contract with Nikita Mazepin


The owner of “Haas” Gene Haas spoke about the criticism of the team because of the cooperation with the Russian Nikita Mazepin.

On March 5, Haas announced the termination of cooperation with the Russian, as well as with the title sponsor, the Russian company Uralkali.

“There was a lot of harsh criticism about the situation in Ukraine. She became just crushing. We can’t deal with all this, our other sponsors can’t. The Haas company has always been the main sponsor of the team, I don’t know why people said that it became Russian, its logos were always on the car. We are fine. Of course, we would like more money, but we are fine, ”RIA Novosti quotes Haas with reference to the Associated Press.

Mazepin made his debut in Formula 1 last season, he played in the same team with the son of seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher Mick.

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