The coach of the Chinese national hockey team Kovalev was pleased with the team’s performance at the Beijing Olympics


Alexei Kovalev, coach of the Chinese national ice hockey team, praised the team’s performance at the group stage of the Olympic hockey tournament.

On Sunday, the Chinese team lost to the Canadians with a score of 0:5.

“We got a little lost in the first ten minutes, as the opponent quickly jumped out and scored. I think the game would have turned out differently if we hadn’t let us score quick goals. But I think the team still shows a decent result,” Kovalev told TASS.

Earlier at the Olympics, the Chinese also lost to the teams of the USA (0:8) and Germany (2:3).

“The guys are trying, giving their best to play to the maximum. People generally expected that we would lose at 0:15, 0:20, so the team performs well, looks decent, shows an interesting game, just the execution of chances suffers a little. In general, we are satisfied with the way the team plays. Of course, there is not enough strength to play exactly 60 minutes, but they show decent hockey, ”he added.

In the match for reaching the 1/4 finals, the Chinese will play with the Canadians. “We have nothing to add. You need to pay attention to the first 10 minutes to prevent the opponent from scoring,” Kovalev emphasized.

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