The coach of “Metz” started a fight at the end of the match with “Lille”


At the end of the match of the 25th round of the French championship between Lille and Metz, there was a brawl. The head coach of the guests, Frederic Antonetti, got angry and pushed the Dogo sports corordinator Sylvain Armand, who had previously been a player.

“I saw 4-5 people from Lille who approached the referee and asked for something. It’s pressure on the judge I don’t support. When someone attacks me, I defend myself. I can’t stand people who don’t respect me. I pushed him away, no harmsmiling)… My team was very well organised, it caused a lot of problems for Lille, who couldn’t score a goal, and it pissed them off“Antonetti said on Prime Video..

After the game at a press conference, Antonetti was dissatisfied and left early.

“You love soft trainers, I’m not like that. In France, they don’t like coaches with temperament, they don’t like me, I know that, ”Antonetti said and left.

Lille are 9th in Ligue 1 and Metz are 18th.

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