Tarpishchev commented on Alexandrova’s desire to change sports citizenship


President of the Russian Tennis Federation Shamil Tarpishchev said that he thinks about the decision of the Russian tennis player Ekaterina Aleksandrova to change her sports citizenship and play under the flag of the Czech Republic.

“Indeed, Aleksandrova has been living in the Czech Republic for a very long time. She trains there, works under the guidance of local specialists. However, I know nothing about her plans to perform under the flag of this country. At least she didn’t talk to me about it. True, now I am less involved in women’s tennis, this issue is supervised by Igor Andreev. But he didn’t report anything to me on this either, ”Betonmobile.ru quotes Tarpishchev.

At the moment, Aleksandrova is negotiating a change of citizenship with the local tennis federation. The Russian woman takes the 21st place in the world ranking.

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