Tarpishchev: “At Roland Garros, 10 people can be called favorites, Tsitsipas is one of them”


President of the Russian Tennis Federation (RTF) Shamil Tarpischev named the Greek tennis player Stefanos Tsitsipas is one of the favorites for the upcoming Grand Slam Roland Garros.

“On the “Roland Garros” 10 people can be called favorites, Tsitsipas is among them, – Tarpischev quotes RBC Sport. — Tournaments such as “Roland Garros”, largely depend on the draw, who meets with whom at the preliminary stages. Because, as a rule, the two-week tournament is won by the one who will easily pass the competition to the quarterfinals, since the loads on the clay are large, the matches are five sets.

Tarpishchev also commented on the victory of Tsitsipas at the Masters tournament in Monaco.

“Stefanos won the Masters in Monte Carlo last year, but in reality there were a number of matches where he had to turn a losing situation from a winning situation. Tsitsipas is now a world five tennis player, so it is not surprising that he repeated the previous positive result, ”he said.

Roland Garros will be held from May 22 to June 5 in Paris.

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