Sports Lawyer Explains FIFA’s Decision to Allow Poland to Advance to 2022 World Cup Play-Off Final


Sports lawyer Anna Antseliovich, in a conversation with SE, reacted to FIFA’s decision to send the Polish national team to the final of the play-offs for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar without a game against the Russian team.

“The point is that we have filed an appeal against the CAS decision (Court of Arbitration for Sports). According to the code CAS, FIFA’s decision remains in effect until the review is completed CAS your decision. We are legally suspended. Maybe, CAS will decide at least on interim measures to restore the national team in the grid so that we can play the matches. Hope, CAS in the near future will consider and make a decision at least on interim measures.

What are our chances? Everyone is always 50 to 50. These are arbitrators who make a decision from their subjective ideas. It is impossible to say unequivocally how certain arbitrators will perceive the arguments of different parties. Legally, this decision looks, at least, strange. It does not comply with FIFA regulations. But, for example, figure skating CAS on the principle of justice, they departed from the letter of the regulation, because the code was wrong. However, I believe the political context may influence the decision.»– said Antseliovich “SE”.

The Russian national team in the semifinal match of the selection was supposed to play against the team of Poland on March 24, the winner on March 29 was supposed to meet with the strongest in the semifinal pair Sweden – Czech Republic.

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