Smorodskaya: “Is Mukhin one of the most promising? The management of Loko didn’t give a damn about it!”


The ex-president of Lokomotiv Olga Smorodskaya, in a conversation with SE, reacted to the words of CSKA midfielder Maxim Mukhin about leaving the railroad team.

Early Mukhin, in an interview with SE, said that he wanted to stay at Lokomotiv, but there was no such desire on the part of the club.

“The management of Lokomotiv released Mukhin? For them, the more players leave, the better. This means that more players will need to be bought. That is the meaning of their activities. Mukhin one of the most promising? I understand everything, but they didn’t care. They do not care about the result, they are solving their own problems. It’s very sad, that’s why I shout to the whole world about this outrage that is happening in Lokomotiv. Nobody else does that. I have nothing to lose. And for everyone who has something to lose, be afraid to get involved, ”said Smorodskaya to SE.

The 20-year-old midfielder left Lokomotiv in May last year. This season, Mukhin played 17 matches for CSKA, in which he could not score with effective actions.

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