Russell on Formula 1 testing: ‘We know for sure that Mercedes is still behind’


The pilot of “Mercedes” George Russell shared his opinion about the tests “Formula 1”, which take place in Barcelona.

“Some teams seem pretty fast – especially Ferrari and McLaren look very strong. It looks like they have everything under control. They look great with empty and full tanks and work well with tires.

Everyone understands that the teams work according to different programs. But from the average values ​​for the segments, we know for sure that we are still behind. The championship is not won in two days of winter testing in Barcelona, ​​but these two days certainly turned out to be intriguing,” Russell quoted BBC as saying. Sport.

McLaren pilot Daniel Ricciardo and racing driver Ferrari Charles Leclerc showed the best results on the second day of testing. BUT Russell’s team-mate Lewis Hamilton showed the worst time on the track.

The new Formula 1 season kicks off on March 18 in Bahrain.

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