Rinat Bilyaletdinov: “Dziuba needs to leave for Fenerbahce. At least for the acuity of sensations “

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Former head coach of Lokomotiv and Rubin Rinat Bilyaletdinov commented on the future of Zenit forward Artem Dziuba.

“The contract will end in the summer and Artem will go to Fenerbahce. The Turks will not pay now, knowing that they can get a player for free very soon. Plus, an age-old football player is not an investment project. It is possible that Zenit will persuade Dziuba to stay for a year, the coaching staff will see that the striker can still help the team. And then – there as health allows. I think that we need to leave, Artyom will not be particularly comfortable in other Russian teams. For the sharpness of his feelings, he can and will go, yes. Will he settle down in Turkey? Even if not, then you can already try something new in the 34th year, ”Betonmobile.ru quotes Bilyaletdinov.

Dziuba scored 10 goals in 17 matches of the current Russian Championship. The striker’s current contract will end this summer. It was reported that Rubin Kazan was also interested in his services.

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