Plushev reacted to the news that Russia after the sanctions will immediately be in the top division of the Ice Hockey World Cup


Honored coach of Russia Vladimir Plushev commented on the information that the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) decided to return the Russian team to the top division of the world championship.

“I would not say that it was an expected decision. I believe that the right decision was made. We didn’t go anywhere, we didn’t lose anything. We would ignore relegation. Therefore, the IIHF made a positive decision, ” quotes Plushev.

On Friday, September 30, the IIHF congress approved the principles for the return of the national teams of Russia and Belarus to the international arena. 98 members of Congress voted in favor of the return of the teams, 10 against, 11 abstained.

Teams will start playing at the world championships from the top division – we are talking about national, youth and junior teams. When exactly Russia and Belarus will take part in the World Championships will be decided separately.

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