Pilots “Williams” complained about poor visibility in the new car


The Williams team rolled out a new car on the track at Silverstone.

After the races, team drivers Nicolas Latifi and Alex Albon shared their first impressions of the new car and repeat the opinion already heard after races in the simulator in 2021 that cars in 2022 have become worse in terms of visibility, according to Motorsport.

“Visibility in some corners has become worse,” said Latifi. – Not in all, it depends on the type of turn, on the angle at which you enter it. I think everyone will have to get used to it, but definitely now the visibility has deteriorated.

“I think the main problems will be on urban routes, such as Monaco, Baku, Jeddah, it will be difficult there. On open tracks, you can see far ahead and can plan the trajectory in advance. And in closed corners, blind spots behind the wheels and deflectors are a problem,” added Albon.

Recall that since 2022, Formula 1 has switched from 13-inch to 18-inch wheels.

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