Oleg Leontiev: “Cup matches require aggressive tough play”


Neftekhimik head coach Oleg Leontiev commented on the result of the first match of the first round of the KHL playoff series against Traktor (3:4).

— The game was different from the regular season. Here the intensity of passions was higher. Both teams were clearly focused on achieving results. We played well throughout the meeting, led the score in the third period, but in the end we didn’t hold on and conceded a goal. Also in the game 6 on 5 had moments. The only thing that upsets me was that there were a lot of deletions, they gave the opponent a lot of chances to convert the majority. So, let’s get ready. Now let’s rest, recuperate and prepare for the next fight.

– You started the match very well, took the lead three times, but each time Traktor bounced back, and all three of these goals were scored in the majority. What needs to be done by Neftekhimik to level the game in the second match?

– Exclude deletions. “Tractor” perfectly realized their chances in the majority. In our season, there were no such obvious failures in the minority. We will close players who bring results to Traktor. Try to block shots, move away, play patiently.

– Did you set up the team for a tough aggressive game from the very beginning?

– Cup matches involve aggressive tough play. Since the beginning of the championship, we have tried to instill in the guys this toughness and power style. What the audience likes and what the player should do on the ice. The setup was played hard, but without deletions or dirt.

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