Nadal: ‘I’m happy that my health has allowed me to just play tennis freely’


Australian Open 2022 winner Rafael Nadal answered the question of whether he experienced foot problems during the final match with Daniil Medvedev.

“As you saw, I could run without restrictions. I am happy that my health has allowed me to simply play tennis freely. It’s an amazing feeling.

During the recovery, we tried different methods, and for a long time did not get any result. After all that I have been through in my career, given the age, of course, there are doubts about further performances. Moreover, you know that trauma cannot be cured.

When you regularly go to the gym, to procedures, to the pool, to the training court and see that you cannot do what is necessary to return, it is very hard, very painful. It breaks my heart. But constant work and discipline played a role, ”ATP Channel quotes Nadal.

The decisive match of the tournament in Melbourne lasted more than five hours. The meeting ended with a score of 2:6, 6:7 (5:7), 6:4, 6:4, 7:5 in favor of Nadal.

For Nadal, this is the second victory at the Australian Open. He first won the tournament in 2009.

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