Minnesota Defender Fined $35,000 for Hitting an Opponent


Minnesota Flames defenseman Malik Beasley has been fined $35,000 for “unjustified and inappropriate contact” with Portland Jazz center Drew Eubanks, ESPN reports.

The incident for which Beasley received a technical foul and was sent off the court occurred in the third quarter of the match between the teams on March 5. Beasley headbutted Eubanks.

Recall that in 2022, Beasley was arrested for possession of marijuana and for threatening a family that stopped in a car near his house. The basketball player was charged with possession of drugs of the 5th degree of gravity and the threat of violence. In December, the player pleaded guilty to threatening violence. Marijuana possession charges were dropped because the basketball player’s wife was licensed to use marijuana for medical purposes.

The basketball player was sentenced to prison and spent 120 days in prison in Wright County, Minnesota.

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