Mazepin does not plan to play in other championships after leaving Formula 1


Russian pilot Nikita Mazepin has no plans to compete in other championships after the Formula 1 team Haas terminated his contract.

“I didn’t plan to play in other championships,” TASS quotes the words of 23-year-old Mazepin. “All my attention will be directed to the fund.”

On Wednesday, Mazepin announced the creation of a fund to support athletes who have been affected by the political situation. It will be sponsored by Uralkali, owned by Nikita’s father. Dmitry Mazepin.

Mazepin thanked the Formula 1 pilots for their support.

“I am grateful to the small number of riders who supported me. Valtteri [Боттас]Carlos [Сайнс-младший]George [Расселл]Sergio [Перес]. I am grateful to them for their support at a time when I was left without a dream and a job, ”he said.

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