Magnussen: “I often changed racing engineers, so, apparently, I lost my bearings”


The pilot of “Haas” Kevin Magnussen shared his expectations from the “Grand Prix of Singapore”.

The Singapore Grand Prix is ​​one of those stages where there may be an additional opportunity to excel. This is due to the nature of the track, and how the race can turn out, because there is a higher probability of intervention by the safety car, all sorts of incidents, etc. I want to avoid trouble, because the reward for this may be higher than usual. It seems that tracks that require more pressure are more suitable for our car, although there is no guarantee that our business will go well in Singapore.

I often changed racing engineers, so I was in a difficult situation, and, apparently, somewhat lost my bearings. Working with the settings, I was already trying to apply non-scientific approaches, but rather relied on my own feelings. ”— quotes F1 News Magnussen.

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