Kvartalnov answered the question about his future at Ak Bars


Ak Bars head coach Dmitry Kvartalnov, after losing in the first round of the KHL playoff series to Avangard, said he was ready to leave his post.

– Purely emotionally, how is your condition?

– Devastation, they didn’t carry it in the plan, you know, there’s such a moment, they were so frantic, it’s definitely not skill, they were more charged than us, they wanted a little more. Here, of course, we lost in this, probably, and this is the key

– Do you feel pressure about the question of whether you will continue to work?

– Enough, I understand everything. We felt nothing, prepared, everything is fine.

– Are you ready to leave of your own free will or will you wait for the decision of the leadership?

– Once again, I understand everything perfectly, the management will make a decision. The result is unsatisfactory, they will make a decision, I’m ready.

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