Kushchenko: “It is necessary to allow advertising and sale of beer in arenas”


President of the VTB United League Sergey Kushchenko expressed his attitude to the sale of beer at stadiums. According to him, the league needs to find new sponsors, as well as support from the state.

“I would like to note two risks for which support from the state is already needed. The first is the participation of high-level legionnaires,” Kushchenko noted. – The leagues need to give guarantees now that legionnaires can receive payments under contracts. You need to find a way to pay for transfer agreements. We need a simple and guaranteed payment mechanism. It should be noted that all the Leagues are discussing our problems, in a single block we are submitting issues for discussion to the Ministry of Sports and the presidential administration.

The second risk is that the majority of foreign sponsors and broadcasters will not renew contracts, the number of Russian sponsors will decrease. It is necessary to find a replacement both on the Russian market and in friendly countries. We need preferences for Russian sponsors, it is necessary to preserve the income of professional leagues from bookmakers, it is necessary to expand the legal categories of advertising. Advertising and sale of beer in arenas should be allowed.”

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