Kiryos almost hit a ballboy in the head with a racket


Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios after the quarterfinal match of the Indian Wells tournament against the Spaniard Rafael Nadal – 6:7 (0:7), 7:5, 4:6 – threw the racket into the court and almost hit the ball boy in the head. The tennis player launched a racket from the center of the court, the guy managed to duck in time.

– What should I say? Did I want to be there? No. I dropped the racket. It landed a meter from my foot, bounced off and almost hit him. I am human. It happens,” Kiryos said after the game. — Of course, it was an unsuccessful rebound. I think if I repeated this throw a million times, I would not be able to repeat such a rebound. And what should I say? After a three-hour match with Nadal, do you ask such questions? Is that the only thing you’re interested in?

The guy ducked…

He ducked. Crouched down. He ducked. He ducked. He ducked. He ducked. God. Okay.

Note that after the match, Kyrgios sent a private message ballboy, in which he asked to accept an apology and offered a racket as a gift. The guy noted that everything was fine with him and that he accepted the apology and the proposal of the tennis player.

The episode with the thrown racket occurred at the end of the match, when the opponents shook hands. Nadal will play compatriot Carlos Alcaraz in the semi-finals.

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