Kirill Kokorin: “Sasha has a contract – he fulfills it”


Kirill Kokorin, the younger brother of Fiorentina striker Alexander Kokorin, commented on the future of the football player in Italy.

“It’s good that the media can’t reach out to my brother, there will be fewer news stories. Already all his socks were sorted out, which is possible. They went through his whole life, they follow everything he does – they talk about everything in the media. Does this affect Alexander? Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. Maybe he just doesn’t tell anyone about it.

Our media are engaged in complete nonsense and nonsense, as a rule. Of course, not all media suffer from this, but only a few, a very small percentage, are engaged in real journalism. It’s not even jaundice, but nonsense! They sort through everything: who ate what, what they were wearing, who bought a steak for 1000 rubles. I don’t talk to the media!

Will Sasha stay at Fiorentina this winter? He has a contract – he fulfills it. I don’t know if he stays or not. I don’t meddle in my older brother’s business»– said Kirill “RB Sport”.

Kokorin’s contract with “violets” is calculated until the end of the summer of 2024. Alexander has played 5 matches in Serie A this season.

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