Kamenev: Has Dynamo already played back from 0-2? There was a different team in that series.”


CSKA forward Vladislav Kamenev praised the team’s performance in the second match of the KHL second round playoff series against Dynamo (4:2).

“In our trio, there is excellent mutual understanding from the first matches of the season. We should score more – we had a lot of majority.

Is it harder to play against Eremenko? I do not think. We also need to throw a lot, close the goalkeeper.

“Dynamo” has already recouped from 0-2? There was another team in that series! We must play in such a way as not to give the opponent a chance to recoup. This is a plus that we play in the same city, we will have to spend less energy on moving. It’s very nice to play with a full stadium, it hasn’t happened for a long time, thanks to the fans for coming!” the KHL website quoted Kamenev as saying.

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