Jikia confirmed Sobolev’s departure from the Bay Run media team


Spartak defender Georgiy Jikia, in a conversation with a SE correspondent, confirmed that his teammate Alexander Sobolev left the team of the Bey Run Meidian football league, where he was one of the leaders.

– A question about Sobolev. What does he dislike so much about the FTC Medialeague?

“He will tell you about it soon. Will record a video.

– Did you communicate with him? Have you made this decision?

– Of course they did. If it is not there, then it is accepted.

– Are you not offended?

– Not.

– It turns out you are losing the media. Previously, it was the team of Jikia and Sobolev. And now it’s Jikia’s team. It’s not that interesting.

Why isn’t it interesting?

– This team is associated with you and Alexander.

– Am I going somewhere? It’s enough. While I’m here, the team will be.

– Is there a possibility that you will also be upset by the work of the FTC and you decide to leave the club?

Why should she upset me? Upset Sobolev? All different. Sasha, today, is not part of the team.

How did the team take the news?

— Won 3:1.

– You still do not invest your personal money in Bay Run?

– Not. Sponsors only.

– Maybe Ruslan Litvinov in place of Sobolev?

“I talked to him about this today. Quite possible. Why not?

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