Ivanov believes that CSKA can get into the top 3 RPL at the end of the season


The representative of the President of CSKA Sergei Ivanov spoke about the situation in Russian sports.

– When we have now freed up a lot of money: in many sports, contracts are either broken, or the owners do not pay money to fallen players, there remains a lot of money that can and should be used to train Russian youth. And you need to invest budget money in amateur sports, not professional ones.

– How did you react to the departure of CSKA basketball players?

– Predictable. First, not everyone left. Two Americans remained, well, the coach. Everyone left in a number of clubs. This is an individual decision for everyone.

– Are there any fears that it will be the same in football CSKA?

– I just talked to Giner, there are no hints from the players about this.

– How much will the story with VEB, the sanctions against it, affect CSKA.

– It will be possible to judge this in 2-3 weeks, not earlier.

Do you believe that everything will be back to normal in the end?

I don’t believe in the short term. I believe for a long time.

– What is the maximum for CSKA this season?

– This is fortune-telling on coffee grounds. But I think getting into the top three is quite realistic.

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