“It can’t be that Giner did such a stupid thing!” Veteran of CSKA about the transition of Gbamen

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CSKA veteran Vladimir Ponomarev, in a conversation with SE, reacted to the loan of Everton midfielder by the army team Jean-Philippe Gbamena.

“Giner used to be involved in signing players. Was he removed? It can’t be that he did such a stupid thing! The man played 8 games in 2 years. It was not even worth taking such a player for free. Agents shove us incomprehensibly whom, cripples. Berezutsky is involved in this or who? It is difficult to say whether they will make a friendly team. Dynamo at one time took 8 Portuguese and nothing came of it. Giner used to make spot purchases. And now they have recruited second-rate players: two guards sitting on yellow cards and some sick ones. “Spartak” is also buying it is not clear who. It will not lead to anything good, ”Ponomarev told SE.

Jean Philippe Gbamin. A “glass” opornik from the Premier League, who was raised by Schwartz, is going to CSKA. Who is Gbamen

On February 21, CSKA announced the transfer of Gbamen on loan until the end of the current season. In the current draw of the Premier League, the 26-year-old Ivorian played three meetings on the field and failed to score in them with effective actions.

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