In Norway, the Russian children’s football team was allowed to the tournament, despite world sanctions


The Norwegian Sports Federation allowed Russian children’s football team participate in the Norwegian Cup, according to NRK.

According to a source, the sports federation decided that children’s and youth sports should not be affected, despite world sanctions against Russia.

“I am glad that today we have taken a decision that clarifies the goal of the Norwegian Sports Association, so that children and young people from all countries, as far as possible, can participate in games and sports activities,” quotes the words President of the Norwegian Sports Federation Berit Kjoll NRK.

The Save the Children organization was satisfied with the decision of the Norwegian Sports Federation.

“We are very pleased that the Norwegian Sports Federation and the president of the federation have decided to accept children from both Russia and Belarus,” said the head of the organization Monica Sidgard.

The organizers of the Norwegian Cup have also confirmed that teams from Russia and Belarus can now participate in the tournament.

I think the Norwegian Sports Federation has taken this issue seriously. They made a good decision,” said Norwegian Cup CEO Paul Trelvik.

Norwegian Cup is the world’s largest football tournament for children and youth. The Oslo tournament has been held since 1972.

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