Igor Nikitin will miss the match against Severstal due to the death of his father


On September 30, the Lokomotiv hockey club reported that the father of the team’s head coach Igor Nikitin had died.

“The hockey club Lokomotiv expresses its deep condolences to the head coach of our team Igor Nikitin and his family in connection with the death of his father Valery Yakovlevich Nikitin. The loss of loved ones invariably responds with severe pain in the heart of each of us. We treat with sympathy and understanding the need for Igor Valeryevich to be close to his family now.

Therefore, under the circumstances, head coach Dmitry Sergeevich Yushkevich will lead the Lokomotiv team in the match against Cherepovets Severstal»the club said in a statement.

The KHL regular season match between Lokomotiv and Severstal will take place on Friday, September 30.

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