“If Nadal is in the final, then Rublev has …”. Kamelzon commented on Rublev’s advance to the semi-finals


Honored Coach of Russia Vladimir Kamelzon commented on Andrei Rublev’s progress to the semi-finals of the tournament in Indian Wells (USA). In the quarterfinals, Rublev defeated the representative of Bulgaria, Grigor Dimitrov, with a score of 7:5, 6:2.

In the semifinals, Rublev will face American Taylor Fritz (20).

“Rublev is great. In a difficult situation, he copes, it is clear that his game finally went like never before. He has every chance to win this Masters. Andrew is doing well. If Nadal is in the final, then Rublev finally has a chance to beat him on hard. This is a very cool opportunity. What has Andrew to lose? – quotes Kamelzon “Championship”.

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