FTR reacts to Djokovic skipping Indian Wells due to problems with entering the US


Vice-President of the Russian Tennis Federation (RTF) Alexei Selivanenko, in a conversation with a SE correspondent, commented on the Serbian Novak Djokovic missing the tournament in Indian Wells due to problems with entering the country.

“It’s just that in those countries where vaccination is a mandatory requirement, he cannot yet enter and cannot perform there, but where there is no such requirement, he can. He made such a decision and spoke openly about it, that’s all.

Can we say that in the absence of Djokovic, Nadal is the main obstacle for Medvedev on the way to the title? You can say whatever you want, but there is always a lot of competition. But it is clear that Danya is one of the most realistic contenders for victory in terms of rating. In general, it is possible, but the same can be said about a number of players,” Selivanenko told SE.

US law prohibits people who have not been vaccinated against coronavirus from entering the country. Djokovic, who categorically refuses to be vaccinated, has already missed several tournaments for this reason, including the Australian Open.

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