“Freeman will add offensive prowess to our team.” Itoudis – about the newcomer to CSKA


CSKA head coach Dimitris Itoudis spoke about the role of the club’s newcomer, defender Alleric Freeman, in the team.

“Freeman will add offensive prowess to our team, he has the ability to create space and distance from the opposition by being willing to go under the basket or shoot from a distance, he can create opportunities for himself and for teammates. Allerik is at a good age, he has experience of playing in the Euroleague for Asvel. Obviously, he understands that he comes to a team with a lot of good players, healthy competition will help us. In addition, in an uncertain situation, when many players and coaches are sick, a longer bench is needed. Now everything depends on him and on us; we all, teammates and coaches, must help him quickly adapt, ”the CSKA website quoted the coach as saying.

Thus, eight of the nine possible positions of a foreign player are occupied in the team. Changes in Euroleague clubs are allowed until February 23 inclusive.

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