Forward of the Russian women’s team Shokhina said that there are almost no positive emotions from the 2022 Olympics


Forward of the Russian national hockey team Anna Shokhina shared her emotions from the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

– How did you get there? What are the emotions from the Olympics?

– There are almost no positive emotions, in fact. They didn’t play the way they wanted, they didn’t get what they wanted. They flew well.

– There were statements from the headquarters of the national team that there would be a place in the top three. Did these words influence your results?

– No, it didn’t.

– There were other problems. How would you rate their impact on results?

— There were many problems. I think they will be resolved. Next time will be better performance and organization.

– Many complained about life in the Olympic village. What problems did you face?

– With big problems. In terms of accommodation and food. In principle, we are in a bad situation, which is associated with covid.

— How do you feel upon arrival?

“Everything is fine, everyone is healthy. We are glad that we finally flew home, but the results, unfortunately, are sad.

Do you have any plans after the Olympics?

– We continue the WHL championship. We are getting ready, in a week the girls will play.

What would you like to convey to the fans?

“I want to thank you so much for always supporting us. Thanks to everyone who came and met us.

At the 2022 Olympics, Russian hockey players lost to the Swiss team in the quarterfinals with a score of 2:4 and left the tournament.

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