Dr Liu: Ayrton will not return to the field this season


The ex-doctor of Spartak, Liu Hongsheng, in a conversation with SE, reacted to the nature of the injury to the defender of the red and white Lucas Ayrton.

“I watched the game episode – it was just awful! Surprised that the player was not sent off the field. He nearly broke the Brazilian’s leg. Lucas can be congratulated, he is very lucky. It could have ended much worse for him. Muscle contusion is not as bad as a broken or broken bone. Usually, such injuries recover in 1-2 months. But the process can be delayed, it happens quite often. I think that Ayrton will not return to the field this season,” Liu told SE.

Earlier it became known that Ayrton had a contusion of the bones and muscles of the lower leg, and the recovery would take approximately one month.

The Spartak defender was injured in the match of the 22nd round of Tinkoff RPL against Nizhny Novgorod (1: 1). He left the stadium leaning on crutches.

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