“Don’t write anything else!” CSKA beat the scandalous publication when introducing Carrascal

Transfer market news

CSKA introduced the team’s newcomer Jorge Carrascal. The midfielder has joined on loan from River Plate.

The video introduction shows a fictional dialogue between the club and the player on Instagram:

– Hello, Jorge!

– Do not write ANYTHING else, I’m on my way!

Probably, in this video, the scandalous performance of another newcomer to the army, Yusuf Yazica, was beaten.

On January 19, CSKA announced the transfer of Yazici to the team on loan from Lille. The army team published a video on their social networks in which the club’s Instagram account invites the player to play for CSKA. In the correspondence, Yazydzhi answers only after the phrase in English: “Yusuf, this is from Russia. We have a lot of Natasha.” The club later deleted the scandalous post and apologized.

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