Denis Kazansky: “Why was hockey wildly boring at the Olympics? Yes, because many teams consisted of KHL players “


Well-known TV commentator Denis Kazansky in an interview with “SE” shared his opinion about the level of the KHL.

– The main conclusion from the hockey final of the 2022 Olympics?

– Probably, now everyone understands that we must say goodbye to illusions. I’m talking about the strength of our league. We constantly said that she was in second place after the NHL. In some components – maybe. But not in terms of skill.

Why was there a wildly boring hockey at the Olympics, built on the principle of “fight-fight”? Yes, because many teams consisted of KHL players. Where almost all teams are focused on the result. It’s easier to give it when you build a solid defense game without worrying too much about attack. And certainly not paying attention to entertainment. Now we see it in the playoffs.

We have very few coaches who work without serious pressure from management and can enjoy hockey. Think not only about how to keep the position, but also about the brilliance in the attack, the development of the young. In this regard, the KHL sags. The Olympics always reveals new names. Unfortunately, this did not happen in Beijing. In addition to the 17-year-old Slovak Slafkovski, who sensationally became the top scorer of the tournament, there is no one to even remember.

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