CSKA coach: “I wish there were more such matches in the league”


CSKA coach Andreas Pistiolis summed up the VTB United League regular season match, in which the Moscow team lost to UNICS in the third overtime (103:105).

“Congratulations to UNICS on the win. It turned out to be an exciting game that the fans certainly liked. I wish there were more games like this in the league because they draw attention to basketball. Obviously, we lost this meeting in the first quarter. Again, because something happened against Efes. We should pay attention to this when preparing for the next matches. And it’s not about the starting lineup. Nevertheless, we showed character, found strength in ourselves and returned to the game. Some moments were not in our favor, the result could have been different, but UNICS deserved to win. I want to separately thank Anton Yudin, who helps our staff a lot, both now and throughout the season. I think that he is underestimated as a coach in Russia, ”the red-blue website quotes the coach.

CSKA head coach Dimitris Itoudis missed the next game due to illness.

UNICS tops the VTB United League standings with 11 wins and 2 losses. CSKA is in third place with four defeats in 13 games.

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