CSKA coach about hitting the puck in the face: “Next time I’ll put on a goalie mask”


CSKA coach Ravil Yakubov spoke about hitting the puck in the face during the sixth match of the third round of the KHL playoff series against SKA (3:1).

How did the puck hit you in the face? Did you not see the moment?

– I saw her at the last moment, managed to turn away. That would have hit the eye.

Did you get two stitches?

– Yes, two.

– During your playing career, did you get a puck?

— Yes, it was.

– And on the coaching bench?

– For the first time. Although it hit the body, but in the face – for the first time.

Who is to blame, do you remember him?

– Mishka Grigorenko! Haha! Yes, everything is fine, he just substituted a club.

– Have you changed your mind about going to the bench for the seventh match? Maybe it’s better to work on the podium?

– I’ll put on a goalie mask!

The seventh game, which will determine the winner of the Western Conference, will be held tomorrow, April 14th. The beginning is at 19.00 Moscow time.

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