Brad Stevens has denied rumors that he could lead the Lakers


Boston Basketball Operations President Brad Stevens has denied rumors that he could be the Lakers’ new head coach.

“No, not interested. First, I have no idea what the future holds for me. I’m definitely not leaving for the Lakers. I know it for sure.

I’m not the one they turn to. They have many good candidates. I’m sure they have better candidates than me. My whole existence was aimed at making Boston as strong as possible. Let’s leave it like that. The good news is that we wasted a few minutes,” Stevens was quoted as saying by NBC Sports Boston.

Previously it was reported thatToronto’s head coach Nick Nurse is a prime candidate to replace Frank Vogel with the Lakers.

The Lakers finished the season in 11th place with 33 wins in 82 games. The team from Los Angeles did not get into the playoffs following the results of the regular season.

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