Bobrovsky – about the contract with the “Florida”: “I deserved it with his attitude and game”


Florida goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky, in an interview with SE, answered a question about signing a seven-year, $70 million contract with the Panthers.

– Did signing a big contract with Florida put pressure on you? The larger the contract, the greater the expectations and responsibilities.

Everything is going gradually. I didn’t get big money right after a small contract. In Columbus, where I was the first goaltender, they paid a good salary. And the same pressure. Everything is gradual. I won’t say that someone gave me a contract with Florida. I think that I deserved it with work, attitude and game. There was no throwing on my part. Of course, adapting to the new team, the city and the climate took time. Plus, the last season at Columbus turned out to be emotionally difficult. It took time to recover. But now I am happy where I am and with which organization I signed a contract. Satisfied with the team and team play.

The full interview with Sergei Bobrovsky is at the link.

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