Barcelona – Eintracht Frankfurt: prediction for the Europa League match April 14, 2022


April 14, 2022 “Barcelona” will accept “Eintracht” in the second leg of the 1/4 finals of the Europa League, the game in Germany ended in a draw 1:1. The match at the Camp Nou will begin at 22.00 Moscow time, look for a live broadcast on the TV channel.

Europa League. 1/4 finals

April 14, 22:00. Camp Nou (Barcelona)


Eintracht F

The analytical department of the betting company BETCITY considers Barcelona to be the clear favorite: you can bet on its victory with odds 1.42. Despite a good result for the Germans in the first match, their success at the Camp Nou goes beyond impressive 7.70. Even for a draw, the quote is lower – 5.00.

The fact that the team from Frankfurt will not lose is offered a high odd 3.00.

If the guests still win, then a bet of 1000 rubles will bring 7700.

Analysts again do not expect a productive game, because the most likely outcome is a 2-0 victory for Barcelona, ​​which is estimated at 7.10. The minimum triumph of the Catalans (1:0) can be issued with a slightly higher coefficient 7.70. The success of the hosts 2:1 can be taken for 8.00.

Barça’s individual total over two goals can be issued with attractive odds 1.83. At Eintracht, this line is rated fantastic 10.50. At the same time, the total of more than 1.5 goals against the guests goes for quite sane 3.90.

Xavi, Barcelona. Barcelona – Eintracht Frankfurt: Xavi knows how to crawl into the semi-finals

Total over three goals goes for 1.98less for 1.83.

Barcelona’s passage to the semi-finals is estimated by a small odds 1.25. But from “Eitracht” this line can be taken for decent 4.20.

The likelihood that the game will end in a penalty shoot-out looks very small. Quote for this outcome – 14.00. The coefficient for the end of the match in overtime is slightly less – 12.50.

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