Arseny Gritsyuk about the Olympics: “I am 20 years old, I hope this is just the beginning”


Forward of the Russian national hockey team Arseniy Gritsyuk praised the team’s performance at the Beijing Olympics.

“A lot of people came to meet us,” Gritsyuk said on the air of the Russia 24 channel. – Not everyone can be photographed to say hello. Glad to be back. Yes, we are not with the medals we wanted, but I am pleased with the result. We had serious chances to win. Of course, there is an emptiness inside due to the fact that we lost. But I’m 20 years old and I hope this is just the beginning and it’s all ahead.”

The hockey player also answered a question about the performance of the Russians at the Olympics in all sports.

“I am proud that sports are developing in Russia,” he said. – We saw Alexander Bolshunov. The guys took pictures with him. I hope I succeed too. Number of medals? Of course, this is a success. The Olympics are something for emotions.

Criticism from fans? Hayt was mostly in news articles, publics. We try not to pay attention. I have mostly positive emotions in direct. I received a lot of messages and support.

The Russian national ice hockey team took second place at the Olympics. In the final, the Russians lost to the Finnish team (1:2).

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