Andrey Rublev explained the breakdown on the judge in the final of the tournament in Dubai


Russian tennis player Andrei Rublev commented on the episode in which he received a warning in the final match at a tournament in Dubai.

“I blame myself for this episode,” Rublev said in an interview with SE. – The match was completely under my control, Vesely was exhausted. It was clear that he was not moving as well, not hitting as usual. It gave me peace. Plus, I quickly got the initiative and could finish the final without nerves. But I lashed out at the referee, who made three obvious mistakes. When he made the third, I flared up, began to argue with him. Because of this, he lost control of himself, lost his serve, the game leveled off. I was lucky that I was able to quickly recover, largely due to Jiri’s fatigue, added and won. But if it had been more recent, that mistake would have cost me the match.

In the future, such stories should be avoided. Emotional breakdowns during the game can be very expensive. With top players, it will be worth the match. Great tennis players are distinguished by the fact that they are able to abstract from everything except the game.

Rublev defeated Vesela in straight sets to take his tenth ATP singles title.

Andrei Rublev. “Great players are distinguished by the fact that they can abstract from everything.” Rublev – about the victory in Dubai and the failure of the judge

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