Amur head coach praised the team’s performance in the past regular season


Amur head coach Mikhail Kravets summed up the results of the team’s performance in the completed regular season.

– An ambiguous season, it’s a pity that it ended ahead of time. I believe that we had a chance of getting into the playoffs, albeit small. In key meetings that could help us get into the playoffs – against Admiral, Neftekhimik, Barys – opportunities were missed, there were offensive defeats, often in one puck. But there were a lot of good things too. With the arrival of our coaching staff, the team took 50% of the points, on points we took ninth place in the East, beat all the teams in the Western Conference, except for one. There were good games, positive moments, I can’t say that the season is bad. But we did not manage to get into the playoffs, so I will say that we played satisfactorily.

– Mikhail Grigorievich, did the December series of failures become the defining moment of the season?

– I specifically watched all the months that we played, and in December we had ten matches – five won, five lost. I would say that the month would be decisive if there were “0:10” for games. The team had a good trip then, but there were also lost points in the matches against Admiral, Neftekhimik – not a turning point, but lost points. We lost them ourselves, we could win these matches. We were hampered by generally unstable results.

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